Vendor: Cisco Exam Code: 200-105 dumps Exam Name: Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 2 (ICND2 v3.0) Version: DemoDEMO

QUESTION 1 It has become necessary to configure an existing serial interface to accept a second Frame Relay virtual circuit. Which of the following are required to solve this? (Choose three) A. configure static frame relay map entries for each subinterface network. B. remove the ip address from the physical interface C. create the virtual interfaces with the interface command D. configure each subinterface with its own IP address E. disable split horizon to prevent routing loops between the subinterface networks F. encapsulate the physical interface pass4itsure cisco with multipoint PPP Correct Answer: BCD

QUESTION 2 Which of these represents an IPv6 link-local address? A. FE80::380e:611a:e14f:3d69 B. FE81::280f:512b:e14f:3d69 C. FEFE:0345:5f1b::e14d:3d69 D. FE08::280e:611:a:f14f:3d69 Correct Answer: A

QUESTION 3 What are the benefit of using Netflow? (Choose three.) A. Network, Application & User pass4itsure microsoft Monitoring B. Network Planning C. Security Analysis D. Accounting/Billing Correct Answer: ACD

QUESTION 4 What is a valid HSRP virtual MAC address? A. 0000.5E00.01A3 B. 0007.B400.AE01 C. 0000.0C07.AC15 D. 0007.5E00.B301 Correct Answer: C

QUESTION 5 Refer to the exhibit.What three actions 200-125 dumps will the switch take when a frame with an unknown source MAC address arrives at the interface? (Select three.) A. Send an SNMP trap. B. Send a syslog message. C. Increment the Security Violation counter. D. Forward the traffic. E. Write the MAC address to the startup-config. F. Shut down the port. Correct Answer: ABC

QUESTION 6 What would be the destination Layer 2 address in the frame header for a frame that is being forwarded by Dubai to the host address of A. 825 B. 230 C. 694 D. 387 Correct Answer: C

QUESTION 7 A network administrator has configured access list 173 to prevent Telnet and ICMP traffic from reaching a server with the address of Which pass4itsure commands can the administrator issue to verify that the access list is working properly? (Choose three.) A. Router# ping B. Router# debug access-list 173 C. Router# show open ports D. Router# show access-lists E. Router# show ip interface Correct Answer: ADE

QUESTION 8 DRAG DROP Select and Place:Correct Answer:

QUESTION 9 Lab - Access List Simulation A network associate is adding security to the configuration of the Corp1 router. The user on host C should be able to use a web browser to access financial information from the Finance Web Server. No other hosts from the LAN nor the Core should be able to use a web browser 210-260 dumps to access this server. Since there aremultiple resources for the corporation at this location including other resources on the Finance Web Server, all other traffic should be allowed. The task is to create and apply a numbered access-list with no more than three statements that will allow ONLY host C web access to the Finance Web Server. No other hosts will have web access to the Finance Web Server. All other traffic is permitted. Access to the router CLI can be gained by clicking on the appropriate host. All passwords have been temporarily set to “cisco”. The Core connection uses an IP address of The computers in the Hosts LAN have been assigned addresses of – Host A Host B Host C Host D The servers in the Server LAN have been assigned 300-115 dumps addresses of – The Finance Web Server is assigned an IP address of The Public Web Server is assigned an IP address of Correct Answer: Check the answer in explanation

QUESTION 10 A sporting goods manufacturer has decided to network three (3) locations to improve efficiency in inventory control. The routers have been named to reflect the location: Boston, Frankfurt, and Lancaster. The necessary networking has been completed at each location, and the routers have been configured with single area OSPF as the routing protocol. The 300-101 dumps Boston router was recently installed but connectivity is not complete because of incomplete routing tables. Identify and correct any problem you see in the configuration. Note: The OSPF process must be configured to allow interfaces in specific subnets to participate in the routing process.Correct Answer: The question mentioned Boston router was not configured correctly or incomplete so we should check this router first. Click on Host B to access the command line interface (CLI) of Boston router.

QUESTION 11 Why did Branch1 router lose WAN connectivity with R1 router?A. The IP address is misconfigured on PPP multilink interface on the Branch1 router. B. The PPP multilink group is misconfigured on the anch1 serial interfaces.   C. The PPP multilink group is misconfigured on the R1 serial interfaces. D. The Branch1 serial interfaces are placed in a 300-075 dumps shutdown condition. Correct Answer: A

QUESTION 12 Which component of the Cisco SDN solution serves as the centralized management system? A. Cisco OpenDaylight B. Cisco ACI C. Cisco APIC D. Cisco IWAN Correct Answer: B

QUESTION 13 Which EIGRP for IPv6 command can you enter to view 210-065 dumps the link-local addresses of the neighbors of a device? A. show ipv6 eigrp 20 interfaces B. show ipv6 route eigrp C. show ipv6 eigrp neighbors D. show ip eigrp traffic Correct Answer: C

QUESTION 14 What is a difference between TACACS+ and RADIUS in AAA? A. Only TACACS+ allows for separate authentication. B. Only RADIUS encrypts the entire access-request packet. C. Only RADIUS uses TCP. D. Only TACACS+ couples authentication and authorization. Correct Answer: A

QUESTION 15 Which IEEE standard does PVST+ use to tunnel information? A. 802.1x B. 802 1q C. 802.1w D. 802.1s Correct Answer: B

QUESTION 16 Which type of interface can negotiate an 300-135 dumps IP address for a PPPoE client? A. Ethernet B. dialer C. serial D. Frame Relay Correct Answer: B

QUESTION 17 Which statement about QoS default behavior is true? A. Ports are untrusted by default. B. VoIP traffic is passed without being tagged. C. Video traffic is passed with a well-known DSCP value of 46. D. Packets are classified internally with an environment. E. Packets that arrive with a tag are untagged at the edge of an administrative domain. Correct Answer: E

QUESTION 18 Refer to the exhibit. Why has this switch not been elected the root bridge for VLAN1? A. It has more than one interface that is 400-101 dumps connected to the root network segment. B. It is running RSTP while the elected root bridge is running 802.1d spanning tree. C. It has a higher MAC address than the elected root bridge. D. It has a higher bridge ID than the elected root bridge. Correct Answer: D

QUESTION 19 Refer to the exhibit.At the end of an RSTP election process, which access layer switch port will assume the discarding role? A. Switch3, port fa0/1 B. Switch3, port fa0/12 C. Switch4, port fa0/11 D. Switch4, port fa0/2 E. Switch3, port Gi0/1 F. Switch3, port Gi0/2 Correct Answer: C

QUESTION 20 Refer to the exhibit. A packet with a source IP address of and a destination IP address of arrives at the AcmeB router. What action does the router take?A. forwards the received packet out the Serial0/0 interface B. forwards a packet containing an EIGRP advertisement out the Serial0/1 interface C. forwards a packet containing an ICMP message out the FastEthemet0/0 interface D. forwards a packet containing an ARP request out the FastEthemet0/1 interface Correct Answer: C

QUESTION 21 Which type of EIGRP route entry describes a feasible successor? A. a backup route, stored in the routing table B. a primary route, stored in the routing table C. a backup route, stored in the topology table D. a primary route, stored in the topology table Correct Answer: C

QUESTION 22 What can be done to secure the virtual terminal interfaces on a router? (Choose two.) A. Administratively shut down the interface. B. Physically secure the interface. C. Create an access list and apply it to the virtual terminal interfaces with the access-group command. D. Configure a virtual terminal password and login process. E. Enter an access list and apply it to 200-150 dumps the virtual terminal interfaces using the access-class command. Correct Answer: DE

QUESTION 23 A network administrator is troubleshooting an EIGRP problem on a router and needs to confirm the IP addresses of the devices with which the router has established adjacency. The retransmit interval and the queue counts for the adjacent routers also need to be checked. What command will display the required information? A. Router# show ip eigrp adjacency B. Router# show ip eigrp topology C. Router#show ip eigrp interfaces D. Router#show ip eigrp neighbors Correct Answer: D

QUESTION 24 Refer to the exhibit.Assume that all of the router interfaces are operational and configured correctly. How will router R2 be affected by the configuration of R1 that is shown in the exhibit? A. Router R2 will not form a neighbor relationship with R1. B. Router R2 will obtain a full routing table, 210-255 dumps including a default route, from R1. C. R2 will obtain OSPF updates from R1, but will not obtain a default route from R1. D. R2 will not have a route for the directly connected serial network, but all other directly connected networks will be present, as well as the two Ethernet networks connected to R1. Correct Answer: A

QUESTION 25 Refer to the exhibit. How will the router handle a packet destined for The router will drop the packet. B. The router will return the packet to its source. C. The router will forward the packet via Serial2. D. The router will forward the packet via either Serial0 or Serial1. Correct Answer: C

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