Who are we?

Who are we?

profundamente is an association recognized as a Private Social Solidiarity Intitution wich aims the assistance and study of the aging.

Understanding and assisting the aging of all of us is to look at the person always offering a meaning of life, welness, social participation and dignity, even in the most adverse conditions, as the loss of cognitive abilities, such as memory, language and the ability toperform tasks.

The way we look to and marginalize the older people, especially when they present a compromise of their mental capacities, derives from the way the science, namely the Medicine, has forgotten the Man and has focused on its functions, studying the functions instead of the person whose functions haschanged.

Man forgets himself. Those who build the forms of intervention forget to look through the prism of the object of intervention - the agedperson.

Going against this trend, profundamente will focus its action on the assistance, training and education, and research.



ProfundaMente is a portuguese association that adresses the aging and the Alzheimer's disease, providing the person being a person, promoting its capacities, autonomy, community life, and self-respect..